"A Mission to combine Sydney's declining waterways and unused flood space into into a World Class Rapid Transport System"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome To Sydney by Water - Key Points of the Project

IN Breif: A Master Plan to widen, deepen or extend approx 54 canal watercourses for use as a low-cost, modern and tree-happy transport system for Sydney.The project will:

- Utilise existing rivers, canals, channels and creeks.

-Make use of existing drainage easments along railway lines, highways and open space / recreation areas for new developments and canals. 

- Support  electric/solar powered vessels and personal watercraft.

- Add huge expansion in NSW's construction Industry

- Increase residential property value  in canal expansion areas.

- Create new corridors and keep existing paths for transit expansion in the future.

- Create a huge expansion of boat storage, repair, sales industry

- Create of a riverside / Al fresco / european Social environment within the greater Sydney area.

- Provide lower transport cost per person than private cars and some modes of public transport

-Add recreational fishing areas.

- Create a reduction of private vehicles on road system.

-Improve water quality overall in the sydney basin.

- Add a huge tourism boost to Sydney.

and most importantly provide a WINDFALL to the NSW Government via a surge in boat and licencing fees and applied levies, charges and fines.

We are still creating this site and finer details of the plan. More to come shortly. We are looking for sponsors, support and interested parties to help us make this happen. Your ideas, input, suggestions and knowlegde or data is welcome.

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