"A Mission to combine Sydney's declining waterways and unused flood space into into a World Class Rapid Transport System"

Technical Information

Water, Water, Everwhere, But no where to store it.
Sydney is abundant with water all year round - the problen is run off is wasted, not stored, treated and used. The SBW Scheme provides this oppurtunity. An oversupply of road and rail drainage easements, flood holding basins, ponds, and stormwater canals, provide a loose template for the network already. Decommisioned Rta, NSW railways and local Government real estate areas provide an already-paid soloution to areas for parking bays, junctions, tunnel portals, dams, locks and weirs.

Nature already planned the network, We just need to improve it.
Rivers from the centre of Sydney ( the geographical centre of Sydney Metro Is 8lkm west of Parramatta), Run in 3 directions, Prospect Runs to the south, Parramatta to the East, and Eastern Creek to the north west. The western soloution would be to create an arterial canal running parallel to the M4, until it junctioned with the Hawkesbury at Penrith.

Ideally an interchange at Prospect or Parramatta would link the West, North West, South West With the City, East Sydney and North Sydney, Not to mention South Sydney. Dont you just love water?

More to come